Friday, October 11, 2019

Drug and Doctor

The drug is used to treat the disease, but sometimes their side effects create other and worse conditions that can be fatal. The doctor too, if wrong diagnosis can be fatal for the patient. Here I want to talk about Dr. Dang Thien Hung, I heard that some people died because he discovered lung cancer too late. Among those killed was the wife of my military friend, Nguyen Van Loi's wife, When Dr. Hung discovered her lung cancer and transferred it to a specialist (doctor Phan Nguyen) it was the last period and she passed away not long ago. I believe it is true because I myself almost died because Dr. Hung stubbornly refused to listen to my presentation. With the same disease and the pharmacist's recommendation (United Health care: cannot use the two drugs mentioned at the same time), Dr. Hung refuses to look at the records and does not listen to the pharmacist's advice. I was getting worse and I had to see Dr. Hung 5 times for the same reason. Fifth time I  had to raise my voice about the pharmacist's warning. Dr. Hung was later afraid of losing the patient, so he agreed to review my medical records including the list of medicines I was taking and now he accepted the mistake and told me to remove the medication that the pharmacist had warned. With 5 visits to Dr. Hung, it took me over a month and a half and I have all the information about this, my poor health during this time were 4 people in Houston and 2 people in Pennsylvania who visited like a witness.

I am very sure, the reason he did that was because of his time making money, he was worried about losing time (less than 15 minutes to check the patient). I didn't want to sue him, but it was a warning Be careful for other patients

Nguyễn Hải

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