Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Nỗi hận Corona Vũ Hán

Sáng tác: Nguyễn Hải
Trình bày: Hà Lan Phương
Thực hiện clip: Nguyễn Hải

Lời English (Trường Đinh)


Experiencing the pain of human beings
Sadly, witnessing thousands of lives lost each day
Because of the Chinese virus from Wuhan
Spreading around the world

The world we live is now full of grief and lamentation
The world we live is now full of pain and sorrow
The Gods seem not having eyes
As ignoring the mourning of mankind

Oh, why do people act like an evil?
Oh, why does the China's government have no hearts?
When spreading the Wuhan coronavirus
Over the five continents of the world

When the time comes the world will prove with evidence
The wicked China's government
Kills mankind with the virus
The deadly Chinese coronavirus

We're praying for a saviour to come and save the world
Bringing back peaceful time for our planet
Sharing smiles and happiness with our world
And teaching the China's government an unforgettable lesson

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